Screw Conveyor


We offer Screw Conveyors that are used in both horizontal and vertical angles for conveying applications. Very effective and economical for conveying tea/products. These conveyors are covered by jacket with a high quality of metal to keep the conveyed material free from any kind of dust.


  • Conveyor for Tea Machinery includes on-floor or in-floor conveyor systems to offer adaptable usage value in involved applications in the tea industry.
  • A multiple combinations in these tea conveyors offer economical as well as logical solution for handling the delicate material handling operations involved.
  • We also offer Overhead Conveyors for Tea Industries available in 3/4 Wheel configurations in different length options as per the specific conveying needs of the client.


  • Connecting track brackets provided at both ends as well as intermediate track brackets at pre-defined intervals for further stability, standard vertical bends of 30, 45, 60, 90 degrees, provision of special angle sections re-enforced with track brackets, wheel conveyor chain assembly, separate load axle and guide axle, solid and sturdy wheels, angle sections stiffened in order to minimize deflection and others.
  • Available in different belt options including 2-ply 2.8 mm PVC green, PVC plain top and Diamond structured Bottom to provide best match the involved Tea processing and Packaging needs. These conveyor belts can be made available in different lengths and in different thicknesses to satisfy the need of all tea garden conveyor systems.

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