Tower Blender

Tower Blender


Our unique Vertical Blending Machine with dual compartment design and intelligent layering of tea feed with spreader arrangement makes our blender a class of its own. The blender is designed with care and expertise to make the blending uniformly and to attain 100% blending. Our blenders of extra heavy duty construction designed for long life and low maintenance. Our blenders do not have any moving parts except the spreading unit provided for distribution. The tower blender has two compartments, one on the top and the other the bottom and has a door arrangement to separate the two compartments.

The tea discharged from the bucket elevator is equally distributed into the eight chambers using a spreading unit, all the tea’s of the blending batch laid down for blending is now equally distributed in the first compartment as layers. Now the doors of the chambers are opened two at a time i.e. The opposite doors are opened simultaneously like 1 & 5, 2 & 6, 3 & 7, 4 & 8. The tea from each chamber rolls down at a constrained speed and falls on to an inverted cone of the second compartment. The baffles provided at several places controls the flow of tea and makes remain in the centre to mix each other gently and settles down, likewise all the doors are opened

and teas are now in the second compartment and not a drop of tea remains in the first compartment. The teas are very gently handled and blended for 100% uniform and consistent blend quality. Now the doors are shut and the second cycle starts. The blended tea in the second compartment is discharged out using a pneumatic valve arrangement and shall go for packing. The complete system is covered and insulated for dust protection and connected to the state of the art dust collector. Our blenders are tailor made to suit our clients requirements. The capacity also varies by the volume to tea to be blended.

Available in 2, 4, 6,8,10 M.Ton @ 200CC/100gms capacities. The blending system is an unique design and operator friendly and with low maintenance. Cost effective and efficient solution to meet and exceed the customer's needs of highest standards with regard to reliability; productivity; safety and at very high hygienic standards. All tea contact parts made out of food grade stainless steel.

Drum Blender


Our rotary drum blenders are unique in design are quick efficient and the ideal gentle mixer with slow speed and have no moving parts inside the drum. Our drum blenders are being used all over the world for tea blending and we also offer flavouring system as optional on request. The teas are gently fed in to the drum for mixing from an storage silo where the teas are stored and kept ready for mixing with no lass of time. The silos has a predetermined weight quantity based on the bulk density of the tea. Hence this system makes the blending sequence continuous and produces larger blend batches.


  • Capacities range from 2 MT to 10MT / hour.
  • A mixing cylinder with multi-direction movement, cross-mixing points of the material of the cylinder body.

The unique design of mixing blades allows the tea to mix gently and at very low RPM and completely fluidise the mix with every rotation. The fluidisation mixes the powder, granules, leaf grades of widely different bulk densities are moving freely and ensures 100% efficient and consistent mix qualities. Our drum blenders are available from 50kgs, 100kgs, 200kgs, 500kgs, 1000kgs, 1500kgs and 2000kgs having the bulk density @ 200CC/100gms. Our pneumatic feed and discharge gates ensures 100% product in and out off the drum.

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