Z type Bucket Elevator


The Z Type Bucket Elevator offered by us is our unique design and specifically made for handling tea. This conveyor system carries tea from sifter cum siever/Conveyor to the blender/Storage silos. The buckets are specially designed using SS304 grade steel and our unique design as these type of elevators and we are the only manufacturer. No scooping and throwing of teas. Gently received and transferred and buckets rotate to discharge the teas at the delivery ends.

Feeding ports can be from 1-4 and as well as delivery ports from 1-4. Works with VFD and controlled by PLC. The heavy duty chain & unique design renders the unit incomparable. The height required is also reduced to great extent and is a boon where there is a height restriction in site. High feed rate can also be arrived. Capacities range from 2 MT to 10MT / hour at 200CC/100gm. All tea contact parts made out of food grade stainless steel.

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